Wastin’ time (new)

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Have they sweetened your nights too?

Distant, though lingering so close

Present, silver-lining, given to you

Echoes, with the allure of a rose


If you’re kind of a hummer,

the world of words stretches its ties

so near, when you’re blue

They are the summer

with a thousand Julys


To greyish reality a fair addition,

intoxication, even addiction


If I dare to use an elizabethan word

by a bard, not too seldom heard:

That music ”hath”

a far more pleasing sound

Is it the “path”

to which you’re bound?


Leave behind the gloomy faces

of the past. There is no return

Let go of  Mrs. Ale Lady

A few select, as Mr. Pale Maybe


Such a dirty old man

Always shouts out something obscene

Oh so mean, oh so mean

left to learn


Was there a king? Or a queen?

She said so, she said so

Where they living or dead?

I guess, something in between


Looks like freedom

but it feels like death

Closing time


As if you were due

to the river of Lethe,

Its water awaits you

along with its depth


It is said to offer relief

for those tormented by sins

Maybe it’s just an old belief

It seems those sharp pins

Will make pain persist

On and on repeat the list


Did you think a bridge

was awaiting someone like you

over troubled waters?


As if bridges were Heaven sent

to beings so badly bent,

demons, devil’s daughters


She took you down

to her place near the river

And you sit before her, kneeled,

danger well concealed,

And you know that she’s half-crazy

But that’s why you want to be there


Bleeding wounds, that never healed,

soaring secrets, securely sealed


And you hum, always hum

Sittin’ in the mornin’ sun

Will be sittin’ when the evenin’ comes

Watching the ships roll in

Isn’t that fun?

They come all the way from China

Wastin’ time


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