Grasp Your Duty

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your duty

I tried to make my way

Through a dull and dreary day

To places where i really wouldn’t stay


I walked a street, I walked a floor

I visited many a commonplace store

Isn’t everyday life a bore?


But strangely enough

I heard a voice, believe it or not

Stop sqaunder – life is about more!


I dropped it, that whatever stuff

Was it a glove or a pot

There’s something else I have got


Loosen up, get rid of your ties!

Observe, listen and snuff

You’re not blind, so open your eyes!


Don’t you see, what surrounds you!

The stream of life, sensation and beauty

Transform it to an everlasting view!


It’s about time

Grasp your duty!


But first I need a rhyme

A word – without a mute e


I got carried away

By a tender array


Like opening a door

Overlooking an embracing bay,

I had reached the shore


Why are people so snooty?

Oh you – spot that cutie!

It’s all there! Tutti frutti

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