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Some questionable decision-making by President Biden recently has become a possible stepping-stone for former president Trump. Any movement in that direction should be met with firm action. 

Mr. Trump’s presidency saw a number of condemnable or even vicious actions, such as public lying, efforts to circumvent normal political procedures and abuse of power. A comeback would put most traditional American virtues and values at risk.

Is Mr. Trump a Trojan Horse for the fascist movement? Many believe so. And certainly he stands for values that up till now have been considered clearly anti-american.

Would a new presidency for Mr. Trump be for the benefit of anybody? Yes, most likely for a couple of authoritarian leaders outside ot the Western world. For them it would open an array of new possibilities. But hardly for the average American citizen or for democrazy and Western civilization.

Some people figure Trump is a new Messiah. Well, he is not. His former actions and behavior points in quite a different direction. For me as a chrstian believer this is obvious.

In the aftermath of last year’s presidential election I published a poem about the political chaos – which subsequently evolved into the disastrous  storming of the Capitol. For some reason – one can only speculate – every word of the poem was removed from my website. By whom? I don’t know. It was the first content to disappear unexpectedly.

Now I republish the poem. For the sake of freedom of expression.

Once Upon a Time - a Miracle

Once upon a time there was a fight

The struggle lasted day and night

my God! it got so tight!



This uniquely ruthless battle

between “the first” and “the latter”

upon which I’ll shed some light

was an unprecedented matter



Neither combatant were in their prime

and none of them, held as truly bright

Nor the deplorable Mad Hatter

neither the calm and timid Dormouse.



The first “dishonest”

a seducer or a liar

The latter “establishment”

with connections strong and tight

An old man, far too tired



Whilst a lasting rumor of crime

carried out from time to time

clung on to the bad-mannered hatter



And the one we call “the latter” resembled

in the eyes of his foe

a badly worn out tire

a car that will never be ready to go



The allegations caused a fire

barely damped by covid-virus

Nothing else they had in common

but the generic cries:


Hire us!


What about political visions,

ideas suggesting future days decisions?

Not much of that was told


As if the old car being sold

was void of steering wheel and engine

(but probably not emissions)



Let me point out “the first”,

not to be misread as a classification,

as one who suffers from a thirst

an always irritating itch

that seeks whatever erroneous direction



That is a certain trait

which has political implications

but also quite other

(some say, caused by an absent mother)



From the head of a state

one could expect

the holding of a steady course

– not a running horse



Everyone in office

in any respect needs assistants

a professional force

And these qualified, select

should operate within closed doors



With a head of a state

whose inspirational source is vague and obscure

and who fails to create a welded team, able to endure,

the result will be crisis and strait


This is a definition, clear and pure,

to measure the weight of a leader,

weak or mature, that can or cannot

– do I have to mention? –

make a nation, or whatever, great


The coming exit of a man

with an orange-colored tan

who thought everybody was his fan

got a presidency, whose span

got as short as it can


This is a tale that provides insight

in matters about wrong and right


Here was a man they called a clown

but not the kind that is comic and ever so nice:

this one represented wickedness and vice


There was a phrase he loved to use

against people he abused

That dissonant and hostile chord

turned out to be a double-edged sword


It was a nemesis disguised

call it fraudulent or call it wise


Along its lengthy course

it was in fact a trojan horse

which bitterly surprised “the eternal president”

– as he thought – “beyond price”


The one consistent trait in his career,

that ends with failure and debts,

has become his petty fate:


“You’re fired!”


Now we know – he was but a clown

so mean and low

The man he called just Sleepy Joe

is not the one who has to go

’cause the voters had got tired


This is a story, oh, so sad

of all the fans he thought he had

Far too many let him down.

Now he sits there, furious and mad


But whatever trick that he might find

in his smallish mind

– and maybe wants to pick –

the truth is, which will make him sick:

there is nothing more to add


Once upon a time

worthiness and democracy 

was put under pressure


A crook and a slime

who combined mediocrity

and willingness to climb

with false virtues and hypocrisy

a deceiver, not worth a dime


There was hope for a successor

who could restore a nation’s pride

which eroded and almost died

during a four-year-long ride

under an erratic aggressor


To fight a man who is violent

unthruthful and cynical

by being just calm and silent

confront a self-appointed giant

– some would even say a tyrant –

was truly bold and defiant

like fighting while you’re chained


Once upon a time

There was a fight

That left us lyrical


It was like David and Goliath

and the victory finally gained

was nothing less than a miracle













A miracle!




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